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Rent our personalised Dojo?

ROCKYS KARATE has invested in this international designed personlaised Dojo

for the benefit of all Fitness, Karate and Yoga lovers. The main purpose and

focus of this dojo is to promote sports activities where Goa is lacking when it

comes to quality and commitment 


Rent the Dojo ?

Are you looking for a place for some martial arts training or similar activities?
It is possible to rent the Dojo on our free dates and timings.


Our Dojo offers:

  • High quality mat area of approximately 900 sq feet area

  • no pillars in the mat area

  • entrance area with small lounge & Notice board

  • Pigeon hole lockers

  • Rest room

  • mirrored walls

  • Conditions and fees are available on request.

  • For more details call on 8600010948 / Email:

OPPORTUNITIES DON'T HAPPEN, you create them...

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