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“Where is your Dojo based?”

ROCKYS MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY,UttamDarshan, Kadamba Plateau, Chimbel, Tiswadi, Goa - 403006.

Landmark: SAI Temple

Why is your dojo called ' boutique dojo'?

because our dojo is small, sophisticated and offers customized training experience. It requires dedication, focus and commitment to our students.

“What are the days & timings of operation?”

TRAINING days : Mondays - Wednesdays - Fridays (we are open for workshops)


TIMINGS: mornings & evenings:

Tuesdays - Thursdays - Saturdays (morning 6:00- 8:00am)

Tuesdays - Thursdays (Evenings: 5:30pm – 8:00pm)

Enquire for group, friends and Personal and fitness training timings an


“What’s special about your Dojo?”

The boutique style dojo is one of a kind in Goa which is located on Kadamba Plateau, Old Goa bypass road away from Panjim city which is really over hyped and over-crowed. The dojo is located in a quite and secluded place where parking and driving is not an issue at all. The interior of the dojo is fitted with imported floor mats, mirror panels for proper training and perfection. The dojo has personal lockers with changing room.


 “What is the benefit of Karate?”

Think Fitness... Think Karate. As a karateka you combat Diabetes and obesity in children, teens and adults. When you train martial arts you defeat these killers! Channelize energy in the right direction, improve concentration & reflex, build self - confidence, make your child goal oriented, Improve physical fitness, develop a disciplined and healthy way of life.


 “What are the other fitness classes you provide at ROCKYS Dojo?”

ON REQUEST We can arrange 

*Special seminars and clinics. 
*Personalized training

*Group training

*Women Classes


 “Can I join to be fit?”

iMost people who begin training with us have never done any martial arts or fitness exercise before. No experience is required nor is it necessary to have a particular level of strength, flexibility or fitness. If you are looking to get stronger, more flexible or to improve your fitness, we believe it’s our job to help. All age groups are welcome.


 “Do you provide your dojo on rent for workshops, seminars & training?”

Yes we do provide but depends on the group size, days and timings 

“Do you provide transport?”

As of now we are not providing transport but yes in future we have plans.


“So how do I join?”

Call us on 86000 10948 / 770946 8888. We’re a friendly group of people and we’ll make you feel welcome, so please don’t hesitate to call us.

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