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Karate & Martial Arts is important for student as it not only strengthens their physical power but also boosts their mental capacity. Many schools that has Martial arts as a co-curricular has experienced a positive difference in the academic performance of their students. Karate gives emphasis to discipline, patience, humility, and respect thus boosting moral values right from a young age. Practitioners of karate would not engage in any vices detrimental to their health. 

ROCKYS MAA is moving towards the direction of training school & College students to take part in School, State and other selected tournaments as a sport. 


In the present world, many young girls and women are subjected to sexual harassment, stalking, Eve teasing, robbery, sexual assault, rape etc. Safety of girls & women is becoming a has become essential for woman to learn to defend themselves from danger. Thus, it has become imperative for women to learn some sort of self defense which will come handy in times of danger. 

ROCKYS MAA would like to encourage college girls, working women and those who wish to learn self defense to contact us for further details where we can arrange special classes & workshops specially designed for  self defense. Although any age above 15 could enroll we are open to understand the requirements and cater to specific request.  We encourage girls, women, working women and housewives to experience our training & dojo. 


"Fitness for lifestyle!" Open for all age group where we would design a unique Programme for specific age groups where we recommend and select those movements and techniques that are more suited for people who wish to be fit and flexible, who would like experience fitness moves and to elderly people who wish to be flexible. As you grow older, leading an active lifestyle is more important than ever. Fitness such as Zumba dance, Yoga, wood work, breathing, meditation & fitness Karate boosts energy levels and manages the various symptoms of pain and illness. It helps to reduce or lose weight by boosting metabolism. It also enhances cardiovascular health, improves muscle tone, mobility and flexibility in older adults. Training karate is good for your body,  mind, mood and memory. KEEP FIT... AVOID DOCTORS!

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